Our Products

  Mobile VoIP that works without airtime or data.  Family Circle is a simple way to manage the entire family’s mobile airtime and data, and the landline, under one plan. 

 Mahala Cloud needs no data, no airtime, no WiFi.  Engage with your customers, beneficiaries, employees and others when they need it most.  Let them reach you at any time. Especially when they have no data or airtime.

Extend the continuum of learning beyond the classroom.  EdTech Connect is mobile cloud that allows students, teachers and instructors to access online learning content outside the class and work environment, without using their own mobile data or airtime, or needing WiFi.   

Mobile VoIP for students without airtime or data.  The Rez  allows landlords to reward student tenants for paying their rent on time, saving money on utilities, etc.  For student tenants, its a way to never get stuck when they're out of airtime and data.

Accelerate the adoption of your enterprise cloud investment.  ROI Cloud is mobile cloud that allows specific mobile users – customers, employees, staff, or members – access your online content when they need to.      

Our service will save your company money and it works even when the office internet and power is down. Clear VoIP is for any business, even if your office LAN and WiFi is bad, or have no internet at all. 

Solutions For:


Business and Corporate

Business and Corporate

Business and Corporate

We are changing the way businesses engage with their stakeholders.   


Families and Students

Business and Corporate

Business and Corporate

We help families and students navigate their way into the digital world. 


Education & Training

Business and Corporate

Education & Training

Our mobile cloud transforms the continuum of  learning and development.

Who are the users?

Millennials and centennials who are employed, being educated and trained.  

Our value proposition?

Our mobile cloud solution results in higher engagement levels, and offers access to more mobile subscribers.


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