Clear VoIP Saves Your Business Money. No Internet Required.

The benefit of Clear VoIP is you can call anyone on any network at any time – and you do not have to ensure that either party has a good internet connection or that both have the same app downloaded - and you can do it without using your personal airtime or data and without needing a wifi connection - all by using the traditional dialer on the mobile phone and with convenient access to all your contacts - at a cost lower than a normal mobile telephone call.  No App required. 

Clear VoIP is a reverse-billed voice product which allows employers to transfer the cost of mobile calls made by employees to their office extension. Mission-critical calls are made even when the employee has no airtime or data or wifi. Plus, it eliminates the need for corporate phone contracts and tedious reimbursement processes.    Clear VoIP is for any business, even if your office LAN and WiFi is bad, or have no internet at all. It solves the problem of poor VoIP over WiFi and data. No more crackle or pop. The service allows employees to make business calls from their mobile phone, even when they have no airtime, data or WiFi. No App required.  

No physical installation required.  Once you've signed up, your existing business phone number is ported and the desktop IP phones are configured to the Clear VoIP cloud PBX. Don't have an office number? We'll provide you one. Want a desktop IP desk phone and a phone in your pocket? Clear VoIP works with a desk phone and mobile phone, or one other the other. No copper cable, or home ADSL or fibre or fixed LTE internet required. 

We will ship you SIM cards. If you don't have enough sim cards, we will manage the RICA process and ship you the SIM cards.  All you have to do is install them in the respective phones.  The service will work on a basic feature phone or a smartphone.  We will also manage the process of porting your existing mobile number to MTN, if need be.  

Here's how it works.   The service allows businesses to make and receive calls to and from all service providers, whether local, national, international or mobile. Businesses can keep their existing telephone numbers (porting required) as well as have the option of using a Non-Geographic (087) or Geographic number.  Clear VoIP customers can purchase desk phone devices with geographic or non-geographic numbers. The customer is able to purchase PBX functionality by selecting applicable packages. Clear VoIP does not require or support a last mile link, routing device and a Local Area Network (LAN) that support voice over IP. Clear VoIP allows a customer to associate a geographic or non-geographic number with one or more Mobile device. The Mobile device must be on the MTN South Africa Mobile network. All calls made from the office desktop phone are deducted from the Clear VoIP PBX account. All personal phone calls made from the user's mobile phone go via the mobile network, as it normally would, and the amount is deducted from the user's SIM bundle.  All business calls made from the user's mobile phone go via the Clear VoIP cloud PBX extension and the amount for the call is deducted from the cloud PBX account. The business call gets made even if the SIM card has a zero balance.  

Easy way to separate business from personal calls. The mobile account and the PBX accounts are separate.  The mobile user (employee) is responsible for the mobile account and no business calls need to reflect on their mobile bill. The PBX account owner (employer) is responsible for the Clear Voice account and all business calls from the office or the mobile are reelected on the Clear VoIP  pbx bill. 

No more corporate mobile contracts and phone expense claims.  The employer no longer needs to provide a mobile contract or a mobile allowance. And the employee never has to file an expense claim for business calls made on a personal phone. 

  • Corporations;
  • Startups and small businesses;
  • Remote employees, drivers; 
  • Employers of all LSMs; 
  • Phone contract management.

Clear VoIP is a cloud hosted PBX service with wide area network (WAN) connectivity operated by MTN.  Clear VoIP Cloud PBX is a hosted solution using a unique combination of best-in-class technologies to deliver innovative telephony.  There is a set monthly fee for the Clear VoIP account, and no fee per SIM user.  Calling plan rates vary depending on which network the call terminates. 

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