What is zero-rating?

This is a practice by internet service providers (such as mobile carriers) of not charging customers for Internet access – or mobile data – to access specific websites and services. 

What is reverse-billing?

It is a way of charging for phone calls, text messages and mobile data in which charges are paid by the person receiving them, and not by the person making the call.  

What is a FAST Sponsor?

The entity willing to absorb the mobile engagement cost of the phone call, text message or mobile data. The typical sponsor is usually the owner of the content – an employer, an online service provider, a school, college or university, a non-profit entity, a government agency, etc. 

What is FAST Cloud?

 FAST Cloud uses zero-rating and reverse-billing to transfer the cost of mobile audience engagement to a sponsor so that the mobile user does not incur the cost.  

What does it support?

The FAST Cloud service support website, apps and progressive web apps (WPA). By default anything that uses port 80 and 443 will work, as well as other ports on a case by case basis.