Greater engagement. Higher returns.

FAST Cloud users acquire more knowledge than before.  This results in higher pass rates, sales, profit and productivity, and increases the ROI in your content and program. Mobile users are more motivated when accessing online content from a mobile device than from a computer, which results in greater engagement 

Greater market reach. Higher returns.

Mobile offers a significantly larger the market reach than fixed broadband, across all demographic groups.  Four times as many people access the internet almost exclusively via their mobile device.  

Reverse-bill engagement. Higher returns.

Reverse-billing is essential fully engaging South Africa's mobile audience. This is because the majority of mobile subscribers already spend a disproportionately large share of their disposable income on amounts of data and airtime.  Of the 20 million mobile phones in South Africa, over 80% are in the hands of users who can't afford to fully engage with cloud services. 

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