Fair Use Policy

Acceptable and Fair Use Policy for FAST Cloud EdTech Connect Reverse-billed Data Service 


The FAST Cloud EdTech Connect reverse-billed URL service is to assist mobile users  to access specific online content, which is typically consumed over an extended period of time, and certainly not to be consumed in one sitting. This includes, but is not limited to, online learning materials, coursework, learning management systems, and related services that allows users to consume content in support of learning and development. 

This fair use policy applies to our services to ensure short and long term reliability of the services:

1. If your usage is excessive or unreasonable we may without notice, suspend, modify or restrict your use of the services. 

2. Subscription services are subject to the fair use policy.  

The key criteria for defining eligible material and content for this service includes:

3. A landing page that requires authentication of the user; and,

4. Upon authentication, the permitted user has access to a specific subset of content, and not the entirety of resources hosted on the specific online platform; and,

5. The content accessible to the user is available over an extended period of time; and,

6. The content is broken into a sequenced stream of lessons or modules which can’t be accessed until the previous module is completed. 

Examples of unfair or unacceptable practices include:

7. Content that can be streamed continuously, including movies.

8. Downloading the entire subscription period’s content, or more than one lesson or module, at one time.

9. Accessing content that is not part of the user’s subscription. 

10. Allowing others not included in your subscription to access your subscription and consume content from your subscription. 

11. Purposely downloading content for distribution outside the intent of the subscription agreement.