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FAST Cloud (Pty) Ltd, a company registered South Africa, offers mobile as a service (MaaS) on behalf of various suppliers, both direct to businesses (B2B and direct to the consumer (B2C). 

Cloud PBX Services

The terms and conditions contained in these document relate to all cloud PBX ("Cloud PBX") hosted voice over Internet ("VoIP") services offered by FAST Cloud, including services related to FAST Cloud Clear VoIP ("Clear VoIP") and FAST Cloud Family Circle ("Family Circle") offerings. FAST Cloud offers customers a Cloud PBX service with mobile WAN connectivity operated by Mobile Telephone Networks (Proprietary) Limited (“MTN”), specifically the MTN Hosted PBX and Mobile PBX. 

ATTENTION: Refer to MTN Product Terms and Condition for the Hosted PBX and Mobile PBX at the end of this document. 


Cloud PBX is a hosted solution using a unique combination of best-in-class technologies to deliver innovative telephony. Being a hosted solution, significantly reduces capital expenditure, maintenance and total network cost. The service allows businesses to make and receive calls to and from all service providers, whether local, national, international or mobile. Businesses can keep their existing telephone numbers (porting required) as well as have the option of using a number from the MTN Non-Geographic or Geographic number ranges. 

The Cloud PBX service is built upon MTN’s Core Network Infrastructure, which is subject to strict controls to ensure high levels of availability and reliability. These include stringent security measures and a consistently controlled and monitored environment for optimum performance of infrastructure.


Cloud PBX customers can purchase desk phone devices with geographic or non-geographic numbers. The customer is able to purchase PBX functionality by selecting applicable packages. Cloud PBX does not require or support a last mile IP access link, IP routing device and a Local Area Network (LAN) that support voice over IP. Cloud PBX allows a customer to associate a geographic or non-geographic number with one or more Mobile device. The Mobile device must be on the MTN South Africa Mobile network. 

The customer is able to purchase PBX functionality by selecting applicable packages. The user is able to make Cloud PBX calls by pre-pending a call with “#”, which are charged to the Cloud PBX account. All calls that don’t have a “#” prepended will be regarded as a mobile call thus being billed to the mobile subscriber (owner of the SIM card). 

Cloud PBX comes in two package options with a number of optional value-added services for customers to choose from: 

· Standard seat: Entry-level seat license. 

· Advanced seat: The add-on license that adds new features and allows access to the value added services.

The detailed list of features is below: 

Standard Seat Feature List 

· Authentication · Basic Call Logs · Call Waiting · Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking · Calling Name Retrieval* · Calling Party Category* · Charge Number · Client Call Control · Connected Line Identification Presentation · Connected Line Identification Restriction · External Calling Line ID Delivery* · Internal Calling Line ID Delivery* · Phone Status Monitoring · Call Forwarding Always · Call Forwarding Busy · Call Forwarding No Answer · Call Forwarding Not Reachable · Call Return · Call Transfer from Desktop phone · Directory Number Hunting * · Last Number Redial · Three-Way Conference Call ** · Anonymous Call Rejection · Automatic Callback · Diversion Inhibitor · Do Not Disturb · Hoteling Guest* · Speed Dial 100* Group Features · Call Capacity Management · Emergency Zones · Incoming Calling Plan · Intercept Group · Inventory Report · LDAP Integration *** · Outgoing Calling Plan · Voice Messaging Group · Hunt Group · Series Completion Call Park · Call Pickup ** · Service Scripts Group

Advance Feature Pack Feature List 

Includes Standard Seat Features plus the following: 

· Alternate Numbers · Automatic Hold/Retrieve ** · Barge-in Exempt · Busy Lamp Field * · Call Forwarding Selective · Call Notify · Call Transfer from Mobile Phone ** · Custom Ringback User · Directed Call Pickup · Directed Call Pickup Barge-In ** · Hoteling Host · N-Way Call · Priority Alert · Privacy · Push to Talk * · Selective Call Acceptance · Selective Call Rejection · Shared Call Appearance 10+ plus Enhanced Group Services Package: · Account/Authorization Codes · Custom Ringback Group · Enhanced Outgoing Calling Plan · Instant Group Call ** · Music On Hold plus UniPresence Package: · BroadWorks Anywhere · Call Service Activation · Multiple Call Arrangement · Outlook Integration · Remote Office · Sequential Ring · Shared Call Appearance (5) · Simultaneous Ring Personal · Two-Stage Dialing 

Value added services 

Value Added Services are items sold separately and are not included or bundled with the above seat licenses. 

· Unified Messaging License (Voice mail, delivered as a voice file to the user e-mail address) *** · Fax Messaging (Fax, delivered as an image file to the user e-mail address, does not support outgoing fax from PC. This must be sold with Unified Messaging). Please use the fax2email product if inbound and outbound fax services are required. 

Auto Attendant License. 

Receptionist Enterprise or small business License. 

* This item is only supported on a Desktop SIP phone. 

** This item can be used with a mobile phone, but requires Advanced Service pack. 

*** LDAP integration implies that the Receptionist and Assistant Enterprise application can be configured to access an existing LDAP directory to retrieve names, surnames and phone numbers.  

MTN Terms and Conditions

MTN Terms and Conditions of Service_Hosted PBX_v01 (pdf)


MTN Terms and Conditions of Service_Mobile PBX _v01 (pdf)