Mobile Connectivity for Studying Online

 The EdTech Wallet provides 1-hour units of data connectivity for scheduled online classroom sessions. The hour-long data connectivity is for a specific mobile number.  

 The EdTech Wallet is applied to online classroom sessions provided by participating institutions, at which the student is enrolled into a current term/semester and/or some form of accredited curriculum, vocational, technical or training and development program. 

 The student’s EdTech Wallet must have a small but positive minimum balance in order to connect.  It can be topped-up by any party – the student, a parent/guardian, employer, the learning institution or any other sponsor    

 The student accesses their EdTech Wallet via a zero-rated online portal managed by FAST Cloud. The portal  allows them to manage their profile, register the mobile phone, check wallet balance, and schedule learning sessions. One-hour mobile connectivity sessions can be scheduled up to an hour before the course is scheduled. 

  The EdTech Wallet allows students to access scheduled online classrooms that are accessible via any public IP address.  This is a bespoke B2B “connectivity-for-education” solution targeted at places of learning who need to allow their to students to study online from home. The solution includes a B2C-as-a-service to manage the student (consumer) aspect on behalf of the institution. 

  • Schools;
  • Colleges; 
  • Universities.

 The student will need a working SIM card on the MTN network, and is responsible for acquiring and RICA(ing) their own card, from any one of thousands of SIM-card vendors/dealers around the country. A basic “R5” prepaid-paid sim card is recommended for those who don’t use MTN as their primary network.    

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