Drive User Adoption of Your Cloud Services

Increase user adoption of your cloud service by making it easier for mobile subscribers to access it.  Existing users become more engaged and perform better.  The number of new users who engage with the platform grows, particularly from those who have no connectivity or cannot afford it.  More engagement. More users. Greater returns.  

ROI Cloud enables mobile subscribers – customers, employees, staff, or members – to access your online content even when they have no data on their mobile phone.  It eliminates the cost-of-data barrier for the mobile user, and transfers the cost to the content provider. The provider of the online services is ‘reverse-billed’ for the data used.  

A bespoke hosting and network support offering.  While we zero-rate content hosted in the public cloud, as well as privately hosted content, we also manage a very unique reverse-billed mobile hosting as a service offering. In addition to the hosting, we work directly with the mobile operators on the configuration requirements, which vary between each operator, as well monitoring the data consumption and network usage.    

Here's how we set it up.  Once the content owner - school, university or an employer - identifies a hosted/cloud resource to be zero-rated for their subscribers, we work with the technical and content development teams to set it up as a "walled garden" to which all mobile traffic is directed.     

No changes are required from the mobile subscribers. Once the content is setup and zero rated, the mobile users will not need to make any changes, or add an APN. They will browse to the site or use the app as they normally would.  

We will ship you SIM cards. If your users don't have SIM cards, we will manage the RICA process and ship you the SIM cards.  All they have to do is install them in the respective devices.  

  • Corporate intranet and Sharepoint; 
  • Public benefit websites;
  • Government & health services.  

 All SIM cards operating on the Cell C, MTN, Telkom and Vodacom newtorks will work with the ROI Cloud product.  Reverse-bill data rates vary based on usage volumes, and by mobile operator.  We do not charge a service fee per SIM user.  We will supply and RICA SIM cards to users as needed, for which bundles for their everyday use is sold separately.  

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