Mobile For Students Without Airtime Or Data

The Rez is a service designed for students living in university and college residences and dorms. The service allows landlords to reward student tenants for paying their rent on time, saving money on utilities, studying online, etc.  For the tenants, its a means to ensure that they never get stuck when they are out of airtime and data, especially when that important call has to be made, of they have to complete an online assignment or quizz for class.
No App Required. 

The Rez is a reverse-billed voice and data product which allows landlords to transfer the cost of mobile data and calls made by tenants to their tenant rewards plans.  Based on the tenants' reward wallet size, the Rez service allows them make mobile calls when their data/airtime bundles are depleted, and there's no WiFi.  And gives them access to their online learning portal. From their mobile. All without using their airtime, data or WiFi.

Here's how it works. If the user's mobile SIM card has a sufficient airtime/data balance, the call goes via the mobile network, as it normally would, and the amount is deducted from the user's own SIM bundle.  But, if the SIM card has an insufficient balance, the call is passed via The Rez cloud PBX and the amount for the call is deducted from the tenant's Rewards wallet (offered by the landlord). The call gets made even if the SIM has no balance and the cost is reverse-billed to the rewards wallet.  The same applies to data. If the data bundle is depleted, the data is reverse-billed to the The Rez account, but only for specific sites like the varsity or college online learning platform. 

No physical installation required. Once you've signed up, all we need to know are the landline phone numbers and the mobile numbers you want add to the The Rez plan.  Don't have landline numbers?  We'll get you some, and you don't need a physical VoIP phone to make it work - the landline line will ring to the mobile numbers if no physical landline (VoIP) phone is installed.  No copper cable, or home ADSL or fibre or fixed LTE internet required.  

We will ship you SIM cards. If you don't have enough sim cards, we will manage the RICA process and ship you the SIM cards.  All you have to do is have the tenants install them in their respective mobile phones.  The service will work on a basic feature phone or a smartphone.  We will also manage the process of porting your existing mobile number to MTN, if need be.  

  • Student dorms;
  • Student residences;
  • Students.

We are partnered with MTN for the Family Circle product.  There is a set monthly fee for the Family Circle account, and no fee per user for up to ten family members.  Calling plan rates vary.  

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